QuiltWeek Lancaster 2017

AQS QuiltWeek
Lancaster, PA 2017

March 29 – April 1, 2017
Lancaster County Convention Center
Lancaster, PA

AQS QuiltWeek Lancaster Tickets

QuiltWeek, Lancaster 2017

Four days of quilts and fun with quilters from across the US and around the world. A huge Merchant Mall will feature the very latest in quiltmaking supplies, antique and new quilts, and quilt-related gifts. Classes are geared to all levels of quilters, from beginners to advanced, featuring traditional techniques like piecing, appliqué, and quilting and extend to the latest in surface embellishment with paint, thread, or embroidery.

Join us at AQS QuiltWeek – Lancaster, Pennsylvania on March 29-April 1, 2017, for quilting immersion at its finest among the beautiful rolling Pennsylvania hills. Get ready to ignite your quilting passion!

Special QuiltWeek Lancaster Quilt Exhibits

SAQA: People & Portraits
It celebrates the expressiveness of the human face. This exhibit focuses on a variety of both emotional states and the ways in which people interact: contemplation, joy, community, work, and play. Based on the companion book, Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits, the exhibition shows two works by each of the book’s 20 Featured Artists.

Miniature Quilts from the National Quilt Museum
Miniature quilts have grown in popularity and sophistication over the past several years. These quilts are made to scale as any size quilt would be; they are simply smaller in scale. As a general rule, to be considered a ‘miniature quilt’ a quilt must be no more than 24 inches in diameter. The first reaction people have when they see these tiny wonders are “Oh, Wow!” says National Quilt Museum founder Bill Schroeder. “No better words could describe this remarkable collection of miniature quilts. The more carefully you look at them, the more you will agree.”

AQS Authors’ Showcase
Artistry and craft are blended together in the AQS Authors’ Showcase. AQS provides a platform to view quilts, projects, and demonstrations. The displays feature the latest books from well-known authors. You will find interactive opportunities as AQS authors demonstrate their techniques.

Symphony of Colors
Japanese people have a unique sense of colors. Their ancestors sublimated the use of color from other countries to their own culture, Quilts came to Japan at the end of 1970 as a new hobby from America. The Japanese women welcomed this American culture and started making quilts. The Japanese women studied about quilts in books, and some advanced people started a school to teach quilting. After about ten years, Japanese quilters developed their own style of Japanese quilts rather than copying the American style. Japanese quilters used their own traditional fabrics and combine their traditional motifs and traditional American patchwork. Today the Japanese quilters know they have unlimited possibilities and love to express their own color sense in this new Japanese quilt style.

Sewing Supplies at QuiltWeek Lancaster

For classes listing basic sewing supplies, bring these general supplies:
Notebook, pen, pencil, paper scissors, fabric scissors, needles, thread to match fabrics, straight pins, fabric marker (both light and dark), thimble, and a paper bag for trash.

Sewing Machine & Irons:
Sewing machines and irons will be provided for every student in classes where sewing machines and irons are required. Please do not bring additional irons or machines.

Kit Fees:
All kit fees are paid to the instructor in class. Contents of kits are listed under supplies in each workshops supply list.

Photography at QuiltWeek

By attending AQS QuiltWeek – Lancaster, PA 2017, you acknowledge that you have been informed that you may be recorded as part of theatrical, broadcast television, home video, or Internet release and/or any and all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, throughout the known universe and the advertising and publicity thereof. Further, you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included therein without compensation, credit, or other consideration.

AQS Photography Policy
Photographs taken at AQS QuiltWeek are for your own personal use, and for sharing with your friends and family who could not attend. Please include the name(s) of the maker(s) with any quilt image you post online; take a photo of the quilt tag so you will have this information. Photos of quilts may not be posted to any website where the images can be used to produce T-shirts, mugs, and other products. No videos or commercial photography are permitted at the show; media or writers may pick up a press pass at the AQS Information Center.

Dining at QuiltWeek

Dining in the Lancaster County Convention Center/Marriott at Penn Square


• The Quilter’s Café will be on Vine Street level and open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Quilter’s Cafe is located at the bottom of the escalators and the rest of the area will be filled with seating. There will be two options each day, a taco salad buffet or a soup, salad, sandwich buffet.
• In the Penn Square Grille (near the hotel registration desk on Level L), you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the menu, as well as a coffee station at the bar each morning.
• Commonwealth (Level 2) will have a soup and baked potato bar available.
• The Lobby will have another large concession area with an assortment of grab and go items, snacks, coffee station, hamburgers, etc.

Scooter Rental at QuiltWeek Lancaster

Lancaster Scooter Rental Information
Scooters and wheelchairs will be available to rent during AQS QuiltWeek in Lancaster. Scooter rental rates are $60 per day, or $160 for the four show days and non-motorized wheelchairs are $25 per day.
Please call Michelle Thompson at (270) 898- 7903 x132 to make a reservation. You may also rent a scooter at the AQS Information Center during QuiltWeek while supplies last.

If you have a scooter reserved, stop at the AQS Information Center inside the Lancaster County Convention Center to sign the paperwork and pick up the key.

Reservations not picked up within 1 hour of reserved time will not be held.
Scooter and key should be returned to the AQS Information Center 1 hour prior to the show closing each day (5:00 p.m. on Wed., Thurs., Fri., and 3:00 p.m. on Sat).

For more information please visit www.quiltweek.com/locations/lancaster